Icladd Flooring

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Is noise affecting your living comfort? Or are you trying to meet the current building regulations? Acoustics underlay is just what you need, Perfect for upper floors or flats in multi-storey buildings. Silent blocks different types of noise, from footfall to vibrations. Extensively tested and officially certified, this sound-damping underlay shows outstanding impact sound reduction values of ΔLw=21d Band Lin=10dB (in combination with 4.5mm Clever Click). 

Made of up to 90% natural raw materials, our base standard underlay is 100% recyclable. Base boasts excellent thermal conductivity, making it the perfect choice for rooms with underfloor heating or cooling. This elastic underlay smooths out small subfloor irregularities: 5mm in width, 2mm in height, its lightly tackified surface prevents LVT movement, allowing for an easier installation of your vinyl floor. The protective film captures all dust particles, making it possible to install the underlay while carrying out other work in the room. 

Specifically designed for floating installation under LVT, Flex Pro offers a comprehensive solution to install Dryback without the need of adhesives. Flex Pro can also be used in combination with Clever Click LVT. Its self-adhesive side guarantees a convenient installation: quick, clean and simple. Ideal for use in commercial environments. 

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